– The Discount Store is now open!

Hi Folks,

If you haven’t read our story about yet, please click here.  Since my last post we have successfully passed 1,000 plus members (currently at 1,251 members as I am writing this). We have promised to our community that we would have a group-buy style discount store and the first products to arrive in early 2018. As promised, here we are! After a few months of negotiations, we have finally signed an AMAZING deal with, which gives our members $1,500 plus savings a year! If you are not familiar with TTN, it is a product that I use daily when I am trading to see live news, stock research and so much more. More product info can be found here.

We now have a new website with a store functionality. You can visit our website here. As always, thank you very much for all your support!

We are currently speaking to number of brokers, hardware & software providers and more trading products will be added to our store in the next few weeks. Watch this space!

We promise, we deliver. Always.